Maana is the meaning

We believe a meaningful journey starts with unconventional ideas and enriching local connections. What makes us different is our passion to design exclusive experiences, based on our intimate knowledge of Morocco, insider's access and attention to every detail along the traveller's journey. We strive to have a positive impact on the communities we meet and on the environment that welcomes us.


Why Maana



We pioneer in the most inspirational Moroccan travel experiences


Travel responsibly and respectfully, in your own enriching journey


Benefit from the knowledge of one-destination local experts


Rely on us to open doors closed to tourists off the beaten track


Enjoy bespoke suggestions for memorable things to do, restaurants and more


Depend on us to deliver to the highest standard at any time with 24/7 concierge services


Give back

Travel is an opportunity to give back to local communities.
When you book your journey, you can contribute to the development
of a dynamic social enterprise in Morocco (5% contribution).


These projects manage resources efficiently to have a positive impact.
Now where would you like to have yours?

Théâtre Nomade


A travelling theatre troupe fostering social and cultural integration of disadvantaged children and young people

AFDF Dades

Ouarzazate region

A woman cooperative from the Dades region developing a rose nursery and training young women to agritourism skills

Pikala project


Use the bicycle to bring a sustainable way of education, combat environmental problems and provide a beautiful way of eco-tourism to discover Marrakech